Saturday, May 29, 2010

MDO Spring Program

So, the end of the year has come for our time at "school" (Mother's Day Out) at Hillcrest Baptist Church. We've really enjoyed our time there, but are switching to a Lutheran church that's just down the block from our house--that way hopefully I will be motivated to put my tennis shoes and walk back and forth instead of getting in the car each time.

Gabrielle picked to be an elephant for her program.

Ms. Angie getting them all set up to tell the story of Noah.

Zaccheaus--"a wee little man was he" part.

"Father Abraham" song with her chin up--cute!!!

He's Got the Whole World in His Hands--"He's got a tiny little baby in His hands" part.

A cute picture with me afterwards.

And, don't forget the cute picture with daddy either.

Yet another picture of Reagan, Aubrey, and Gabrielle (check out their cute picture together after dance class too).

Aren't they adorable?!!!

1st trip to the Splash Park

It's been SO hot here lately, so we had to take advantage of the splash park near our house. We had a great time, and I was really glad that there was a breeze so that I didn't sweat too badly.

She started out a little timid at first...

Then she got a little further into the water...

And, then started really having fun...
Check out that tongue hanging out while she was running!

And, then her friend, Emmalyn, got there to join us, and they really had lots of fun together. Also, Emmalyn's brother, Jude got to try out the water park this year since he's walking (I don't know the girl in the pink and white striped suit).

Parents' Night at Dance class

For Gabrielle's last dance class of the year we got to go and see all their cute little activities they had been working on lately. Here's a few pictures of our little dancer.

Gabrielle and her friend, Emmalyn giving each other hugs in the parking lot before dance class even started.

Gabrielle holding hands with her friend, Aubrey (yes, she has a broken arm)...talking with their friend, Reagan. All three girls go to Mother's Day Out together too.

Getting started with their stretches...good toes, bad toes.

Gabrielle talking to her teacher, Ms. Keely. I like that you can see the expression on her face in the mirror.

One of the teacher-helpers talking to Gabrielle.

Doing a dance step...

Getting ready to do one of their circle dances...she followed in a line really well!

Getting ready to tuck down for a somersault.


There's a teacher in the way, but she's doing a of her favorite things to do at dance class!

Fish lips while she's waiting her turn.

Getting ready for another circle dance.

The girls sitting together at the end getting their end-of-the-year ribbons from their teachers.

Reagan, Aubrey, and Gabrielle together again.

Gabrielle and I. I'm SO proud of her!

Getting "ready" to dance.

Holding up the crab walk line...

Indoor fun

Daddy reading "Sleeping Beauty" to his kiddos.

Gabrielle has really been into puzzles lately. This book that we got from Grandma Reinke has several Bible-story puzzles in it that each have about 25 pieces in them. I'm SO proud of her for being able to do them all by herself!!!

The many faces of Benjamin

I thought you might enjoy some of the pictures that I've caught of Benjamin in the last few weeks. He's starting to be quite expressive, which is SO much fun!!!

This picture is the closest thing that I've caught on the camera to one of his beautiful smiles. Hopefully I'll be able to catch one of his BIG smiles on the camera soon.

And, a frown...I think he was trying to tell me that he was done with tummy time for the afternoon.

He was hungry, so that's why he's crying. But Nick thought it was funny that he was on the couch by the computer...looks like he's checking his facebook statuses at 7 weeks old!!! :)

Doesn't he look tiny in his ginormous crib?


My cutie pie...and I'm not that biased, right?

It's getting hot already!!!

One afternoon last week I decided that it was time to get my car clean. I've decided to stop paying for the automatic car washes since they don't really get my car as shiny as I would like anyway. We had a great time, and it was SUPER hot outside, so this was a perfect after-nap activity!!!

Gabrielle wanted to put her feet in the bucket after we were done...isn't she just adorable???

Using the sprayer to get her feet clean.

Bonus tomato plant in our backyard. I'm sooo excited that there is actually a tomato growing on it already. Thanks goes to my mom for helping me get it planted and started while she was here visiting us. I just can't wait to eat some of them this summer!!!

Nick and I enjoying our supper outside...and I didn't even get any mosquito bites while we were outside that night!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Tyler's graduation

Nick's nephew, Tyler, graduated from Burrton High School--the main reason we made our trip to Kansas for the weekend.

Tyler walking in...looking kinda serious!

Tyler's the one at the front with the yellow around his neck.

Walking up to get his diploma...did I mention that he was their class' valedictorian??? We are soooo proud of him!!!

Benjamin wide awake for a while.

Uncle Terry (Tyler's dad) getting to hold Benjamin for the first time. Sorry that he spit up on you!!!

Aunt Stacey (Tyler's mom and Nick's half sister) getting some baby-holding time too. Nick's aunt Gayla got some baby time in too at the reception.

Gabrielle enjoying some cake (the frosting was all gone first, go figure!) and some punch (three glasses of of which she went up and got herself!).

Grandma Debbie (Nick's mom) with Benjamin.

Gabrielle didn't want to wear the bow in her hair anymore, so I tried styling it in my hair. Thanks, Jill for the cute bow, by the way--Gabrielle loves it!!!

Nick with his nephew, Tyler, at the reception.
Congrats again!!!