Friday, November 10, 2006

It's a girl!

Well, the doctor's appointment was cancelled, but the sonogram went just fine.

And the results...we are going to have a beautiful baby girl!

We've got some fun pictures!
This one is of the baby's head (you can see the lens of the right eye pretty clearly):
In this picture, the cursor arrow is pointing to the baby's labia, which helped our sonographer to determine that the baby is a girl:
Here's a link for information about determining the baby's sex:

Here's a 3D image where you can see the baby's face and arms very clearly:
Here's another 3D image:
Here's another 3D image that focuses in on the baby's brain:
She's a happy baby!
What will the Jayhawks be seeded in the NCAA tournament this year?
We are very blessed to have a healthy baby so far!
Now, what should we name her?