Saturday, April 24, 2010

Park time with Mommy

Since I had been spending most of my "free time" napping and a lot of my awake time with Benjamin lately, I thought it would be a good idea for just Gabrielle and I to spend some time together.

Swinging at the park after our picnic lunch.

Swinging is one of her favorite things to do--can you tell?

My little monkey!

Lovin' the horse too...check out her pigtails in motion.


Gabrielle was SO excited about planting the flowers she picked out at Wal-Mart. Seriously, she wouldn't let us leave without them! :) How did I end up with a daughter who loves to play outside when I would much rather not (especially in this already-sweaty-southeast-Texas weather)?

My mom helping Gabrielle dig the hole to plant her pink flowers.

Some flowers that Nick got me before Benjamin was born. They had red (my favorite), blue (Nick's favorite), and orange (Gabrielle's favorite) all dyed on the petals.

Here's the WEIRD thing about these flowers...
The original leaves all dried up and fell off in the first day. Then in the next few days, all the leaves that you see in this picture grew out from the stem...seriously!!! On top of that, in this picture you can see there's a white flower at the started as a new bud when the leaves all appeared, and then it actually bloomed a little. Seriously, I've never seen anything like it before--cut flowers that bloomed a new flower. Definitely strange!!!

Benjamin's been growing!!!

My two favorite guys.

Benjamin napping with Grandma Reinke before she left. We really enjoyed having her here to help out for a little over two weeks--what a wonderful blessing!!!

Daddy with his precious kiddos.

Gabrielle "tending" to all Benjamin's needs. She thought he was getting cold, so she covered him with one of his burp cloths that we received as a gift from Angie, her teacher at MDO. I think this one is especially cute because she embroidered "Gabrielle's Brother" on the front of it.

Smiles...almost from Benjamin, anyway!

Daddy bonding with his little man.

Enjoying some rest time...this is one of Benjamin's favorite ways to sleep, and I have to admit that I love him being SO cuddly too!

Awake and alert for a few pictures...can't wait until I can catch one of his precious smiles on our camera!

I think he's changed a little since he's been born (already put on a few pounds). But, I do agree with most everyone who says he looks like Gabrielle when she was a baby!

First weekend at church

We went to church with two kiddos for the first time when Benjamin was only 12 days old. Everything went well (minus him pooping on me while I was changing his diaper in the bathroom...).

Ready to drop Gabrielle off at her Sunday School class...since Benjamin has been born she's been a little more "clingy" to me.

Being silly during lunch at Wendy's.

We made it through an entire Sunday morning!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

More birthday celebrating...

The Little Einstein's Transform-and-Go Rocket. much fun!

Little Einstein's number matching puzzles.

Thanks for the fun book and CD sent from Nick's Uncle Steve and Aunt Muriel Slater.


Opening the toy golf set from Grandpa (on Skype) and Grandma Reinke (along with several other things too)--thanks!

The Princess bag that Grandma Debbie had her gifts.

The gardening kit and clothes that Nick's sister's family (Terry, Stacy, and Tyler) sent her. She LOVES the spray bottle.

Blowing her Dora bubbles on her new picnic table in our backyard.
Cleaning up the bubbles off her table...too cute!

More bubbles with Grandma Reinke.

Princess Jasmine birthday party

So, Gabrielle's birthday was 10 days after giving birth to Benjamin, and of course, I had to throw her a party at our house. Luckily I had my mom and Nick to help me pull it all off. Here's a few of the pictures from that day.

The Princess banner on our front door.

The Jasmine cake that I created with her tiger friend, Rajah.

The treat sacks for Gabrielle's friends that came.

The kiddos creating princess or prince crowns from craft foam, glitter glue, and jewels. That activity turned out a lot better than I had envisioned.

Coloring pages and Fruit Loop necklaces.

Lots of fun playing outside...the weather was perfect!

Gabrielle and Emmalyn swinging together.

Some of the parents chatting while the kiddos were playing.

Jennifer, my mom (Janice), me, and Heather (holding Benjamin) enjoying the weather outside.

Gabrielle is 3!!!

The kids enjoying their "picnic" lunch and cake.

Gabrielle enjoying her food.

Opening her gifts...she reminds me that "her friends opened some of them"...they were all VERY excited about "helping" her! :)

Princess wooden doll set.

Our family posing together after her birthday party.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Melting my heart

A little daddy-daughter dance time before bed one night.

Aren't they just adorable? :)

Happy Easter (a little late)

So, on Easter Sunday my mom, Nick, and Gabrielle went to church while I stayed home with Benjamin (and took a much needed nap).

Nick and Gabrielle by the cross in the children's area.

Gabrielle opening her Easter gift from us.

Check her out in those stylin' heart-shaped sunglasses!!!

Hunting a few Easter eggs in our backyard that the Easter Bunny left after her Sunday afternoon nap.

Oh, look--an orange one!!!


Dumping her basket out--yummy candy!