Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More fun on the floor

Look how "tall" I can get!

Gabi likes to grab the blanket, and then roll over. She doesn't understand yet that's how she gets all tangled up. But, thankfully she still thinks it's pretty funny.

Fun with mommy

Reading together...looks like it put Gabi to sleep this time!

Gabi enjoys playing in the mirror, so I decided that she needed to join me in the bathroom while I was getting dressed. It works great for the times she's not wanting a nap and Nick's been in Texas working. Thanks for the Bumbo, Jill!!!

I decided that Gabi needed the same polish on her toenails as I have. SO many people have commented on how cute her toes are, so I figure that cancels out Nick saying that I am making her look "too grown up".

Rolling over

She's been rolling over and moving around the livingroom lately. Notice in the last picture that she is wearing her first pair of sandals...Payless Shoes, here we come!

Eating time

Gabi licking her lips after a bottle.

This was our first attempt at eating rice cereal (which I have heard tastes like styrofoam, so it's no wonder she looks like she's gagging in the middle picture!). By the end of the eating "session", she was wanting to help me with the spoon for more!

Finally caught up to August

Can you believe she pretends to be shy--does that come from mommy or daddy?

We visited Grandpa and Grandma Reinke while Nick was in Texas for the first 10-day trip on the new job.

Enjoying time with daddy when he got back.

Okay...I took this picture with her sitting in my lap...Is she going to be a little photogenic girl or what?

Catching up from July

Gabrielle loves to be held by most anyone...especially mom and dad!!

She loves to play in her "jumper" toy, and sometimes has her own baby "conversations" with "Mr. Sun". It's cute to watch!!

Look at this super-pouty look she already has to pull at mom and dad's heart-strings!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Summertime fun

We had fun at a Wrangler's baseball game with some friends. We had to take a picture of Gabrielle and Andrew in their car seats before we left.

We went to a neighborhood pool with some of our friends. At first, Gabrielle didn't like the cool water, but after that we had a good time. Obviously the sun and water wore us out!

Here's a picture of some of the girls in my Bible study group...Kim (with Abigail), Stacy (with Andrew), and I were pregnant together, and Katie and Julie are on the right side.

Family picture

Our first "out of town trip" to Kansas City over Memorial Day weekend for cousin Jeff and Amy's wedding.

Gabrielle's baptism

Okay, so it's long past due, but here are pictures from Gabi's baptism on June 17th. She wore the same gown that I wore, that my mom actually sewed for me almost thirty years ago!
With us in the pics from the top:
My sister, Katherine, her husband, Dan, and cousin Matthew.
Nick's mom, Debbie.
My parents, Delmar and Janice.
Nick's Dad and stepmom, Chuck and Judy.