Saturday, August 29, 2009

My lil' cook

Gabrielle loves to help me any time I'm in the kitchen. And the other day was no exception. I was making "runza"...some of you out there call them cabbage pockets or bierocks. Of course, no one here in Texas really knows what they are. Basically it's bread wrapped around ground beef and shredded cooked cabbage. I also add shredded cheese and mushrooms to mine. And, as a "cheat", I use the Grand's biscuits instead of making my own bread--perfect for individual servings.

Gabrielle helping roll the dough.

More dough rolling...

Sealing up the bread after we had put the filling inside.

New toys

Last weekend we drove to China (seriously, it's a small town east of Beaumont) to a little toy-resale shop that we had spotted on our drive to Houston last time. It looked a little run down, and definitely some where I wouldn't have gone by myself. But, we got some great new outdoor toys for Gabrielle for less than half what they would cost if we bought them new!

Gabi's "new" car.

Nick playing with the "new" basketball goal.

More car driving...she did realize it didn't have a seat belt.
Oh, my little type-A child...I told her it was okay just for "her" car.

Putting up a basket while in her car!

Our "new" backyard

We finally bought a swing set for Gabrielle, and Nick put it together over the weekend. I wish I would have taken more pictures with all the pieces laying out in the garage while he was in the process of assembling it. But, it was pretty hot outside, so I was trying to work indoors on other projects.

Gabrielle "helping" daddy outside.

It was sooo bright she even closed her eyes for the picture.

Swing set complete!

Trying out the slide.

And of course, lovin' the swings too!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Monday at the Aquarium

Getting snacks ready before we head to the Houston Aquarium.

Playing together...Trinny took her fishing pole to the Aquarium in hopes of catching a fish. I think she was a little disappointed.

Gabrielle checking out some of the beautiful fish.

The group stopping to watch more fish displays.


Gabrielle's been closing her eyes when she says "cheese".
Looks like the first picture was a lot better...

So, of course I tried another shot, and this is what I got. Nice!

Spotted sting rays. Interesting and pretty!

Trinny pointing out the seahorse in this display.

Sean showing Trinny one of the open displays of fish.

Getting to touch some fish in the water.
I even got brave enough to touch a sting ray--they were soft!

Holding Trinny up to see more fish.

Nick as a deep sea diver--who knew?

Gabrielle had to get a picture in there too since daddy did it.

The last display was a beautiful white tiger.

Strutting his stuff before we got to watch him have lunch.

The Sears Family--Moneisa, Trinny, and Sean.

Gabrielle sooo excited that we bought carousel tickets.

Getting ready for our ride.

Look at the pretty carousel.

Gabrielle enjoying her alligator ride.

Waving at daddy taking our picture.

Check out the alligator and dolphin!

Trinny spilled some of her goldfish on the ground and a bird swooped right in and started his lunch.

The Houston Hard Rock was just down the street...
more yummy food!

Giving hugs before we headed back to our house.

Gabrielle taking a nap in the car on the way home. She stared the trip home with her arm up over her head, lamb in grasp. When she fell asleep her lamb stayed on her was too cute for me to resist taking a picture.

Sunday fun with the Sears'

We started the day by visiting their church (way cool that one of the Avalon singers was leading worship!) at Fellowship of the Woodlands. It reminded us a lot of our church that we went to in Odessa, but on a much bigger scale.

After we were done eating lunch at Culver's (yum!) the girls got up and started dancing together--too cute!

Sorry there is a lot of background noise on this video, but don't turn the volume too low, or you will miss Gabrielle's giggles while she's having sooo much fun dancing with Trinny.

Posing together in the front doorway.

A little pose just by herself.

Walking around the market after supper.

One of the fountains that had periodical "shows" to music.

The girls checking out one of the fountain shows.

Dancing with my daughter to the music.

One of my new favorite pictures of Gabrielle and I!!!

Kisses for my little angel.

One last family picture before we headed "home" for the evening.