Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Toilet sounds like toy...

One last thing that happened while we were in Nebraska at my parents' house...Gabrielle dropped our camera in the toilet. We seriously keep the bathroom doors shut at our house in Texas, but it's hard to do that when you are somewhere else.

She was looking at the pictures on the screen, and then all of a sudden she wasn't in the livingroom with us anymore...I found her in the bathroom, and my first thought was that she was just splashing in the toilet (which we've told her not to do SO many times). Then, she reached in and grabbed the dripping-wet camera.

Long story made short...we took it apart, drained it (seriously!), put her down for a nap, and waited. It didn't work until I tried to push the on button when we got home on Tuesday. Luckily I was able to upload all these pictures from our weekend! And, now since it's Saturday and I am just now finishing the posts that I started earlier this week it is fully working again--can you believe it? The final test will be uploading the new pictures that I took yesterday...thanks, Lord, for not making us spend another $200 for my mistake of not keeping a closer eye on Gabrielle! :)

Troy and Amber's wedding

So, also while we were in Nebraska, we went to my cousin's wedding. If you've never been to a tye-dyed-themed wedding, you are missing out. It actually looked a lot neater than I imagined! :)

Walking out of the church to the car.

Gabrielle playing with the other kids at the reception. Usually she's pretty cautious, and a lot of times even plays by herself, but she really loved running with the kids outside.

Troy and Amber dancing...

Another cute family picture before the night was over.

Gabrielle's first haircut

So, as you have seen in so many of the past posts, Gabrielle's hair gets in her face (if she doesn't keep a clip in). So, while we were at my parents' house in Nebraska, I decided that it was time to cut it (and use my mom for "backup"). How hard could it be to cut some bangs in the front, right? :)

My mom trying to convince Gabrielle to sit up (she's got the paci in her mouth to try to make her laugh too since she wasn't wanting to be in the high chair without food).

Getting some of the hair cut...

not completely straight, but pretty darn good for a first try!

The finished product...Gabi trying to comb her new dew.

Yes, I started crying--I already looked fabulous first thing in the morning without my makeup or hair done. I wasn't for sure to begin with if I even liked her hair cut (I know it was a little too late to take back the decision). But, I was also a little sad that we had another "first", and how fast she's growing up. She's not my little baby anymore, and I guess that's just hard to grasp sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I love the stage that she's in--learning something new almost everyday. I'm sure that this won't be the last time that I shed tears over something that Gabi's gone through or accomplished! :)

Lovewell Lake

Friday afternoon after Gabi's nap we headed out to Lovewell Lake--about 30 minutes southwest of my parents' house. We enjoyed quite a bit of swimming, and then some food and fun to follow.

Gabi and mommy ready to get in the lake.
I loved the little vest that I bought her (can you believe for $8 at Dollar General?). She felt like she could be more independent, and Nick and I felt better about her squirminess because she was able to float better.

After swimming we got some snacks out while the grill heated up.

Two toddlers trying hard to get a can of Pringles open...fun to watch!

Okay...so that didn't work, and they tried another method--teeth! :)
At least they were working together so well!

Sharing their food...how nice!

Gabrielle showing Matthew how to "use" a tractor--

I don't think that he was too impressed.

Gabrielle trying out cousin Samantha's car seat which she obviously thought was pretty funny. It probably reminds her of a little rocking chair.

Matthew needed to get in on the action too.

Dan and Katherine getting the grill started for our food.

Matthew checking out the trees and rocks--he's all boy, that's for sure!

A little time with my daddy.

Nick throwing Matthew up in the air...he loved it, but I think that it made Gabi a bit jealous because she likes to do that with daddy too.

My dad showed up after he got all his farming chores done...I think he had a great time with his two granddaughters this weekend. And, my mom joining in trying to show Samantha how to blow some raspberries.

What a beautiful niece I have!

Grandpa and Samantha working on standing up.

Gabi getting some Grandpa time in while she ate some of her hot dog bun.

She'll be 16 and driving before I know it!

Matthew pointing out Grandpa's motorcycle to Gabi. Secretly I think that he was trying to convince her that they needed to climb it (which he did by himself later!).

I got a little baby "fix" in too...how precious it is to watch them sleep.

Gabrielle was working on drinking water out of the bottle. Notice the wet spot directly down the front of her outfit. I don't think she got it down yet, but being outside was a great place to work on that skill if you ask me!

Finishing up our food and just hangin' out.

A view across the lake--it was pretty placid that afternoon, which was great during our swim time with the kids.

A fabulous picture of the sun setting before we headed home.

At Grandpa and Grandma Reinke's house

Friday morning we took off around 8am again and headed even further north to Nebraska to visit my family. Again, we got there just in time for a wonderful lunch.

Gabrielle and cousin Matthew meet again.

Both kids busy reading books...what a nice sight for the teacher in me!

Just simply being silly! :)

A picture of the family all dressed up for church on Sunday.

I had my hands full with Gabrielle and cousin Samantha. Both were crying, but it's amazing what a little fresh Nebraska air did for their attitudes! :)

I also can't believe the difference in size between the two girls at this point...all three of the grandkids are only a year apart--crazy!

At Grandpa and Grandma Walker's house

We arrived at Grandpa and Grandma Walker's house just before 6pm...in time to enjoy a wonderful meal of pork chops, rice, green beans, and yummy desert too!

The family eating (from left to right): Gabrielle and Theresa, Grandma Judy and Grandpa Chuck, and Judy's family--Joe, Nick, and cousin Randi.


Enjoying a book after supper.

It was Judy's birthday the next day, and one of her gifts from Chuck was a nice set of binoculars so they could watch for deer when they are traveling. She enjoyed all of her other gifts, and as always, read all her cards out loud so we could enjoy them too. Happy Birthday again, Judy!

On the road again

We left Texas on Thursday just before 8am and headed towards Wichita. Thankfully, nobody got sick in the car this time, so our 9-hours of road only took 10 hours this time. Gabrielle did a pretty good job, and as you can see even took a nap--two 30 minute ones to be exact!

In the afternoon she enjoyed a snack of raisins and water while Nick and I munched on some Reduced Fat Wheat Thins (one of his favorite munchies).

Our "driver" enjoying the trip.

Fun at home

Getting the bills paid and checking out the coupons for the week...
my little Gabi growing up so quickly!!!

Just enjoying her drink.

Caught in the act!

I was talking to Nick on the phone, and I had noticed that she went into the kitchen. Yet, I didn't hear anything going on in there. When I went to check on her, she had climbed onto a chair, reached across the table, opened a tupperware container, and had eaten one of the two remaining cookies. She's sneaky...gotta keep a better eye on her, I guess!

There's a little evidence of the cookie on the left side of her mouth.

Not so sneaky anymore! :)

Another picture of Gabrielle's dance skills...twirling and spinning are the new motions!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Piano practice (with Gabi)

I've been trying to practice some tunes on the piano for a wedding that I am playing for in October. As you can see, Gabi like to join me, and usually "helps" by adding a few notes of her own. Sounds like I am going to need some uninterrupted practice time! :)


Gabrielle loves to look at books, with Nick and I, and even without us too. In her bedroom there is a bookshelf with books just for her. She usually sits on the floor and pulls all the books off the shelf until she finds the one she's looking for.

On Friday she was in her room by herself, being really quiet, which usually means she's getting into something that she's not supposed to. But, I went to the door, and this is what I saw:

Gabi sitting on her stool that Grandpa Reinke made for her...at one point she was even using the ottoman as a "desk", and had her book laid open on it. My heart melted when I saw that she was playing so nicely by herself.

Another glance...she was giggling this time...

looks like she was laughing at the giraffe!

"Reading" again, but this time in the living room Friday evening.

Darn...she saw that we were taking a picture of her, so naturally she thinks that she needs to see the picture that we just took on the back of the camera now. Wow--when I grew up it took weeks (or even months because my mom didn't take billions of pictures) for us to finish up the film and then send it into the company (yes, in the mail). Crazy how much has changed over the years!!!

I'm just a cutey-pie!!!