Monday, April 27, 2009


Hope you love this video clip as much as I did the first time.  If you can imagine, Nick was ecstatic about her learning to sing this song (and like to watch the old version of the show with him too)!  

Painting is a little messy...

...but, she loves it, so what can I say?  
We went out and bought a special painting smock that she wears now every time that we are using the paints.  And, it definitely came in handy when she spilled the bowl of water on her lap one afternoon.  Who knew that she would sit still enough to enjoy painting.  This first paper ended up with a hole in the middle of it from too much water/paint on it.  What a special memory to have on my refrigerator right now!



That's a MUCH better smile in my opinion!  :)  
I just can't believe that her hair is long enough to braid.  Now, if she'd just be patient enough with me to get it done like that more often.

Friday, April 24, 2009

2-year check up

So, I can't believe that my little girl is already two years old!  We went for her two-year check up, and found out that she's still in the highest percentiles for height (36" tall) and weight (30 lbs.).  Everything else was good...and can you believe that we didn't even have to get any shots this time?  Yea!  Gabrielle didn't even cry when she saw the doctor (like she used to always do)!

We did, however, have to go get her blood tested at a lab to figure out whether she needs to take vitamins or not.  And, she also had a lead-test done since we live in a house that was built before 1978.  Everything checked out just fine, and she didn't even shed a tear--what a brave little girl she's becoming!

Walking with daddy to the car after the appointment.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Easter (a little late)

Family picture before we headed to the 8:30 Easter Day service at church...I really liked the option to go early!!!  I wish that little circle didn't show up on my forehead from the flash--bummer!

Chuck & Judy (Nick's dad and step mom) pose with Gabrielle before church.

After church we found eggs that the Easter Bunny had left for us in the backyard.

Running through the grass to find the next egg.

Gathering all the eggs for her bucket.

Tasting some of her treats.

After lunch Gabrielle and Nick got out their guitars and "played" together.  Check out Gabrielle's "cheese" face!

And, now you know why Gabrielle opens her mouth when she plays her guitar...she's really starting to imitate us a LOT!  :)

Birthday videos

Birthday time at home

Trying to take a picture with Gabrielle and her Little Einstein's "Rocket" cake that I made for her.  She's trying to put two fingers in the air, but it looks like it turned out more like the rock-n-roll hand sign.

Guess who's behind me, and what he's doing to try to get her to smile.  I think it's hilarious that she did exactly what Nick was doing!  

Thanks, daddy, for helping her put up "du" (two) fingers.

Me with my grandpa Reinke and my brother, Ryan, when I turned 2 years old.  Nick and Gabrielle's picture above reminded me so much of this picture that I love!

Gabrielle helping me with the sprinkles on the pretzels.

Ripping off each little piece to start out.

And there goes the rest of the wrapping paper.

She really likes her "doodle" from Grandpa and Grandma Reinke...I think it will be one of those toys that we can stick in the car for some of our long drives back to KS/NE.

Opening up two of her Little Einstein dolls...daddy got a work out on taking things out of those cardboard boxes.  Why do they put them in their so tightly anyway?

The two boy characters from the Little Einstein's cartoon.

Some new sunglasses and some M&Ms from Grandma Martin.

Thanks for the fun shopping cart too, Grandma Martin.

Shopping in the kitchen...plenty of things to find in here.

A Cookie Monster toy and the letters of her name from the Bruton Family...thanks!!!

Grandma Walker helping her open another birthday gift from some of her cousins in Kansas.

Daddy checking out the directions on the box...

And Gabrielle checking out the pictures on another box...
like father, like daughter, I guess!

Grandpa Walker helping Nick adjust the strap on her new guitar from Grandpa and Grandma Reinke.  It was a little long, but we got it all figured out.  This is on the top of her new favorite toys, that's for sure!

Daddy, mommy, and our little super-star-diva.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Birthday party with Haley

Thanks to the Hart family hosted our girls' birthday party again this year...and here's some of the fun...and in case you don't remember from last year they are the friends who we met from CrossRoads church on the worship team.  Jayson sings and plays bass and his wife, Amanda, also sings.  Haley is only one day younger than Gabrielle!  

The Little Einstein's "Rocket" cake that I made with his friends June, Quincy, Leo, and Annie.

Rice crispy treats with my added decorations.

Almond bark-covered pretzels that were supposed to be "Leo's conducting batons".  Gabrielle even helped me with the sprinkles.  They were all gone before we went home...I think the adults liked them even more than the kids!

Backside view of the food table.

Waters with cute labels that Amanda made.

Gabrielle checking out all the food (while the other kids are playing around).  Good thing it's just a veggie tray, I guess! about this tomato?

I like tomatoes...pretty tasty!


Jayson helping Haley open her gifts.

Some of the people/kids at our party.

A really unique puzzle that we got from the Levant is soft and it is all one piece.  Nick had a great time figuring it out the other day, and Gabrielle had a great time taking it apart!  :)

A Little Einstein laptop...probably one of her favorite toys now.

Everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to the girls...and Maddie getting in on the action too.  She is only 6 months older than Gabrielle, and her parents are part of our church's worship team too.  Josh plays bass and Allison sings.  Amazing, it's it that we found two families who we share so much in common with, huh?  :)

Haley and Gabrielle blowing out their candles...
Check out one of my next blog posts to see the videos.

Gabrielle after the red velvet cake and red frosting...nice!

Sitting on my lap and finishing off some fresh fruit.  She ate strawberries, grapes, blueberries, and blackberries...must be my daughter!  

Haley working on her plate of food.

Some of the other younger girls at our party.

Maddie again with her mom, Allison.

Isabella getting in on the musical activities too.

Gabrielle found Haley's guitar to play with.  I think she might be trying to do some kind of Michael Jackson impression here...who knows.

Gabrielle showing off her "monkey" skills by climbing up the rock wall on Haley's new playground in their backyard.  Impressive for a 2-year old!