Tuesday, June 29, 2010

To infinity and beyond!

Nick and I took Gabrielle to her first movie in the theaters...Toy Story 3. She did a very good job, and only asked to go home once when it was a little scary in the middle.

Posing with the poster outside...too bad it was dirty!

Getting excited before the movie started...with our snack--popcorn and chocolate milk--yummy!!!

VBS 2010

Last week Gabrielle was invited to her first summer VBS program at Hillcrest Baptist Church here in Nederland. She had a great time learning new songs and creating some fun crafts with her friends.

Hat day at VBS.

Gabrielle is standing on the bottom row waiting to sing for their program Friday night.

Some of the adults and older kiddos did a skit about "Jack the Sailor" to portray some of the things they learned that week.

Gabrielle sitting on my lap to watch the rest of the program.

Bonus video: Benjamin smiling!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another random post...

We've been having lots of fun this summer...keeping plenty busy too. Here are a few pictures.

Gabrielle's first time getting her face painted--Minnie Mouse on one side with her name and a heart on the other side.

We had a great time at Nick's work picnic (although you can see from her face that it was HOT). Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so I had to take these pictures when we got home.

Our "winnings"
A bucket of little bubbles, candy, and stamps that Gabrielle got from the outdoor games that the kiddos were playing. Nick won the picnic basket in a game of BINGO. We were all playing, and Gabrielle needed to go to the bathroom, and of course, that's when he won. Still can't believe that we missed it!!!

Nick and Gabrielle jamming on their guitars together.

Gabrielle riding the horse at a local restaurant.

My wonderful hubby and our two beautiful kiddos.

Gabrielle wanted to go outside to blow bubbles the other day. And she insisted in wearing her princess shoes, dress up skirt, wings, AND stocking hat. Really? It is like 100 degrees here!!!

Benjamin's first time trying out the bouncy-toy. Fun!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Weekend trip to Austin

At the last minute (or at least two days ahead is considered last minute for us) we decided to head to Austin to meet the Carlisle's for the weekend.

It's only 4 1/2 hours to get to Austin from our house. I never thought I would say "only" for a trip that long. But seriously after our long trips to Kansas/Nebraska, this was a breeze--we were there by lunch! And, we are still smiling after getting there too!

We ate at a wonderful BBQ place in the country southwest of Austin called "The Salt Lick". We ate at picnic tables, were able to bring our own drinks, and enjoyed some live music.

Waiting to get seated...Rowan (Bryce and Lorie's son) looks enthused with Gabrielle, huh?

The adults enjoying some convesation.

Darin and his wonderful girlfriend, Erica.

A picture with my hubby...usually we have our kiddos in the picture with us, so this was a nice!

Nick and Benjamin in the elevator on the way down to the hotel pool for a swim before bed.

The kids and I taking a late-night swim in the hotel pool Saturday night. Isn't it a great picture of me and my two little blessings?

Sunday after lunch we ate at the "Hula Hut" down on the water...delicious food again, and a wonderful view too.

Isn't she just adorable?

After our Sunday afternoon naps, we all headed down to a "giant-normous" (as Gabrielle says) pool. It was really neat because the first section of the pool was a few inches deep, the next part was a couple of feet deep, but Gabrielle was able to still reach, and the back part was really deep.

Getting ready for some swim time.

Benjamin all decked out in his swim-attire...even though he spent the majority of his time was spent sleeping in the shade.

Gabrielle and Rowen playing on the train toy together. By the end of the weekend they were acting like old friends. And, don't worry, Gabrielle wasn't trying to choke him as it may appear in this picture...she was trying to give him hugs!

More sweet smiles.

Monday morning...time for more swimming before we head home in the afternoon.

Taking a snooze while Gabrielle is swimming.

My little fish!!!

My cute hubby showing off his "gun show" before jumping in.

Nick's splash. I was kind of hoping that I would catch a picture of him actually jumping in the water, but obviously, I missed that!

Benjamin just chillin' after a little time in the water.

SO happy...lots of swim time in a short weekend!

We've been up to...

Pool time outside...

Crafts indoors...this one is made with dried beans.


We each have our own rolling pin and apron...now we're ready to make some sugar cookies!

My little helper and I having fun in the kitchen.

Bonus picture...found Benjamin sleeping like this one day. It's looks like he's saying, "Oh, man!"