Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More November pictures

This was probably one of the funniest things I have ever seen Gabi do so far. She was "exploring" the basket and it tipped herself over into it...funny thing was that she was laying perpedicular over the top for a few seconds, but I wasn't fast enough to get a shot of that. She ended up "dumping" herself out the other side to get out. :)

Doesn't she make a great mime?

Standing with only one hand makes me a bit nervous when she's beside something that she could hit her head on. And, she's already tried standing without holding onto anything for just a second!

Always enjoying playtime with daddy.

More adventures pulling herself up and standing.

Just one more beautiful smile from our little girl.

Thanksgiving in Texas

Grandma Reinke is holding Gabi while she's trying to figure out who this boy is...

Gabi's still not for sure what's going on, although Matthew (my sister, Katherine's son) is trying to give her a gentle hug (great for an 18-month old little boy!).
Matthew at one of his happy moments...he ended up getting sick (and so did his dad, Dan), so the smiles didn't last all weekend, unfortunately.

Here's a picture of our house on Thanksgiving Day...yes, it is snowing! I couldn't believe it, but it snowed again on Sunday too, enough for kids in town to build some pretty neat-looking snowmen!
Just another view of the snow from our front porch.

I have to brag about the pie that my mom, my sister, and I baked for Thanksgiving dinner. It actually looked like the one in the recipie picture, and it was delicious! If Carmel Apple Pecan Pie sounds good to you, I can send you the recipie...yummy! :)

Gabi had to check out the "Toys R Us" ad to see if there were any good deals on Black Friday. We had to give her the pacifier, otherwise, she was eating the paper (since everything goes in her mouth right now!).

Gabrielle's first experience with Santa, which I predicted would be like this because of the "stranger danger" she's developed lately. Matthew was giving Santa a dazed-and-confused look, and Gabrielle just bawled...
poor man! :)

After our Santa time with a candy cane. Don't worry, the wrapper's still on!

Fun times with Grandma Reinke...she read me books, fed me, and even played some Patty Cake with me--one of my favorites!

Lookin' pretty cute with Grandpa Reinke's hat on...reminds me of a picture that I took with my grandpa growing up!

One last picture with Grandpa Reinke and Matthew before they left for the drive back to Nebraska and then Colorado--what a long trip they made to come see us! Please come back again to visit us!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

November pictures


Mommy's a human jungle gym!

Showing off my new standing skills to my grandparents.

Playtime with daddy.

Trying to stand up next to mommy's childhood rocking-horse (that Theresa's paternal grandpa made for her).

Trying to climb up mommy's leg. Doesn't this sweater make me look like such a big-girl? :)


Sorry it's taken me so long to get these posted...Nick and I found out last night that we were getting a slower internet connection than we were paying for--ugh! On Halloween night, we went out to meet our neighbors, and it's a good thing that I didn't buy Gabrielle a big-fluffy costume because it was still pretty warm here--Nick even wore shorts. The neighbors who we met are super nice. One family thought that perhaps we were "elderly" since they hadn't seen us outside yet. I told them I had been plenty busy inside, and to look for us out more in the future! :)

Curious girl

So these pictures are taken from our livingroom looking into the hallway (one step up). I had set some pictures there that I wanted to hang on the wall, and Gabrielle thought she needed to check things out.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Family picture (10-14-07)

A picture of us after Gabrielle's 6-month-birthday before we went to church.

Learning to crawl and more

Okay, so I know that I said I would keep our blog up better after our last post. Sorry...it's been a little harder unpacking our house with Gabi around. But, here are some great pictures to keep you updated on her latest...crawling, pulling up, and just some general personality developing!!!

Trying to crawl...
Isn't this a yoga position?

I love my book...it's tasty!

My first experience in my walker on the tile...weeeee!!!

I'm getting ready for bath time with Mommy...

Going to go get the mail down the street. My sunglasses only stayed on my face halfway there, and then I decided they tasted better than they were blocking the sunshine.

Mommy says "no", so this must be something fun to touch! :)
Reading my book this time instead of eating it...
Just kickin' back in my boppy pillow!

I found that the piano pedals are fun to play with! It makes my Mommy think that I might like to play the piano when I grow up.

Aren't I cute?

I was just playing around, and look where that got me!

You'd better hurry up and lower my bed, Daddy--I can stand up in here now!

Look, Mommy! I can stand up, and only use one hand...boy, I'm brave.