Sunday, December 14, 2008

Visiting Santa

So just to refresh your memory--
here's what happened last year when we went to see Santa.

Gabrielle crying while cousin Matthew enjoys his time.

And, guess what?  It happened again this year--
more crying.  And, as you can see, it's the same Santa as last year!

I tried to bribe Gabrielle to smile with the "snack" (candy cane) that Santa had given her--nice!  :)

Gabrielle ended up smiling (with tears in her eyes).  Too precious!

And, of course after we were done, she was fine again!

Posing with daddy and her snowman mask from Santa.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Accident prone

We've had a bit of an accident-prone week.  First, she turned the corner in our hallway just a little too soon and bumped her head really good (you can't see it under her bangs).  

Then Saturday night we were playing in the guest room/office while Nick was checking his email.  She did a free-fall into the pillows, but misjudged how far out she was and conked onto the headboard--notice the bruise starting a fun color above her right eye.  Luckily the puffiness has gone down, but I had some explaining to do to her Sunday School teachers.  

And, yet one more fall happened yesterday.  She was trying to wear my flip-flops around the house, and also thought it would be a good idea to carry her step stool for some reason (I was folding laundry in the next room).  I heard her burst into tears, and when I turned around I could tell that she had hit her mouth...and then the blood came.  She was brave and sucked on some ice to make it feel better...check out her upper right lip.  

Nice, huh?  Hopefully the next few days will go a little smoother.  I told the Children's Director at church all about her accidents so that she wouldn't get any ideas and end up turning me into CPS--ugh!

More kiddos...

Gabrielle has done really well "sharing" me lately.  Not only have I subbed at our church's Preschool for four days, but I have also had some extra kids in tow.  All I have to say is that I am very thankful that Gabrielle likes to walk on her own so that I have my hands "free" to carry everything else (including Zac--see below).

We got the walker back out of storage for Zac, but Gabi liked it too!

Playing on the floor with Zac.

I liked this picture because you can see his little feet moving...

Haley at our house again today day while her mom was scheduled for a c-section.  
They welcomed her brother into the world early this morning...Hagen Henry and mommy are doing fine!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving home!

Yeah--we got to stay here in Texas for Thanksgiving again this year.  I was a little traveled out after the last trip, and only having one "normal" week between unpacking, and then packing again.  I can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner, but I think I'm ready for that trip since there's been a little more time in between being on the road this time.

Playing with the gears toy, and waiting for Grandma Martin to get here on Wednesday.

Check out the shirt...and her attitude to go with it.

Speaking of daddy...I think she love him a lot!


She love taking pictures.

We went outside to check out the lights that Nick had put up, and we started swinging Gabrielle any other "rough" playtime, she giggled a lot and enjoyed every second of it.


Miss Photogenic 2008

Lunch at Rosa's cafe on Friday.

After we were done eating...

Posing with Grandma...and yet looking at something else.

Our family.

Trying to get daddy to procrastinate before bedtime.

More food...the Barn Door restaurant on Saturday night.

Yet more bedtime procrastination--good job, Gabrielle!

Trying on Grandma's glasses.

Trying on mommy's reading glasses...
And, cheesing up the smile while she's at it.

Hangin' with Haley

Gabrielle had her friend, Haley, over to play twice this week.  Her mom, Amanda, has been on bed rest since October, so we were trying to help her out a bit.

Haley supervising Gabrielle on the piano.

Gabrielle was pretty "territorial" with most of her toys...especially the toy piano that she loves to carry from room to room and play.

Cheeeeeeeese!  :)

Grandma Martin watched them both while Jayson (Haley's dad),  Nick, and myself were at worship practice on Saturday morning.  They enjoyed a snack of craisins and goldfish--yummy!

Hangin' out at the piano listening to Christmas music and watching the dancing snowman decoration.

Wonder what they're thinking...

Gonna give you some lovin'.

A friendly kiss.

Each enjoying a piano...good thing we have two!  :)

And yet, Gabrielle has a hard time sharing either toy piano.  Guess we have some room for improvement on the sharing concept!  :)

Gabi at Grandma Martin's

So these pictures are from mid-November when Nick and I traveled up to KC for a wedding and Gabrielle stayed in Wichita with Grandma Martin (Nick's mom).  Enjoy!  :)

Playing at the park with some other kids who were there.

Gabrielle and Grandma Martin.

I love to be outside!

Playing with the cat and dog toys.

Just havin' fun!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

We hope that you and your family had a very Happy Thanksgiving Day.  We had a good one here, and have already done some shopping today on Black Friday (Michael's and even Walmart--gasp!).  Here are some pictures that Gabrielle brought home from church and Kid's Day Out this past week.