Monday, September 28, 2009

Gabrielle's new room

Here's a few pictures, and hopefully I will get some more taken when we have all the decorations out and pictures up on her walls.


Gabrielle in her new big-girl-bed!!!

The reading corner.

Check out the painted trim around the closets, doors, and windows...the natural-colored trim in the before picture looked terrible with the new cream paint.

Gabrielle taking her first nap in the bed last Sunday afternoon.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Outdoor fun!!!

So we finally bought an air compressor for our house. A few days later the light came on in the van that I had a low tire, so it was WAY more convenient to pump it up at home. Then we decided that we should finally pump up our bike tires, as well as the bike cart that we had actually never used.

Group picture before we go for a ride.

Gabrielle peeking out of the cart on her ride with daddy.

I took a quick video before we went inside for the evening.

Just a little fun on the swing-set.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

10 weeks, 3 days

We had our last sonogram yesterday with the fertility doctor in Houston. Yea--I've been released to my regular OB (who I actually haven't met yet, but she comes highly recommended!). I'll go see her in a little less than two weeks (when I'm 12 weeks along).

Baby is head-down.

I love to see the little arms, legs, and fingers.

Whoever says this isn't life has never seen a 10-week sonogram!

Our little one even did a little "dance" for us moving around a lot!

Playhouse Disney LIVE

This past Sunday we took Gabrielle to see Playhouse Disney LIVE! She had a great time, and is still talking about seeing all the characters again. Afterwards we stopped at Carraba's for supper, so we did a little something for everyone! :)

Waiting for the show to start...

We had pretty good seats...
Gabrielle says that we sat "high up".

Eating an icee while we waited.

Cotton candy vendor...may be next time.



The Little Einsteins dancing.

Off on a mission with Rocket.

Tigger and Pooh

Manny, the Tools, and Mr. Lopar


Intermission fun...

Enjoying the last of the icee out of the straw.

When Minnie "arrived" at the show Gabrielle covered her mouth as if she was SO surprised to see her. It was one of the cutest things ever, and I hope I never forget her expression. I wasn't quick enough to get a picture.

Mickey and Friends with Manny.

Tigger and Pooh sharing their song and dance.

Gabrielle really doesn't seem too enthused, but she had a great time. I think she was just "busy" taking it all in at the time!

The whole group dancing together.

I almost got everyone in the picture...close, anyway.

They ended with confetti dropping from the ceiling--neat!

Happy Labor Day (a little late)

On Labor Day we had some friends over for a BBQ. Nick took these pictures of the girls (Gabrielle with her friend, Emmalyn) while he was outside grilling the burgers and hot dogs.

Yeah--someone to ride the glider with Gabrielle!

Swinging away...

Yea! This teeter-totter is a lot more fun with a friend!

Enjoying some brownies after supper and play time.

My little singer

Mommy and Gabrielle ready to go to church.

You might have to turn this up a little to hear her singing some of the Alphabet Song. She's getting better each day, and was even singing part of it the other night when she was going to sleep...melts my heart! :)

Oh, to be naked...

Here are a couple of cute videos from this past week...obviously Gabrielle's into being "nakies" lately. Daddy said that this is only a phase, and must stop in the future! :)

We're going to have to work more on throwing and catching...she does a lot better when she's not sitting down. And, daddy loves the fact that she throws better with her left hand!

Notice there isn't any music playing while she's dancing...this was all very impromptu one day (pulling down her tank top to make a dress and everything)!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Big sister

Thanks to everyone for the prayers while we were going through fertility treatments again down here in Texas. A new doctor means new and different ideas for what medications and routes to take with treatments. So, it's been an interesting ride already with lots of trips to Beaumont and Houston, along with babysitters for Gabrielle (since children aren't allowed in this doctor's office).

Enough said...

Actually, she's really happy about the "BIG NEWS", and has even lifted my shirt up to say "hi" to the baby and give my little tummy a kiss. I think it's adorable, and I almost cried the first time that she did it! She has been consistent about wanting a "siser", so I guess we'll see about that in a few months.


1st sonogram on August 17th

6 weeks and 3 days...just a little peanut with a strong heart beat.

2nd sonogram on September 4th

Obviously the baby grew LOTS in the last couple of weeks. The heartbeat was very visible and in the 170's--crazy! Now you can see the head and body in the picture. And, on the screen we were able to see the little arms and legs moving--amazing! The baby is measuring right on target, and is about 2 1/2 centimeters long.

We'll return one last time to the fertility doctor in Houston for another sonogram to make sure everything is growing properly on September 14th. After that, I will be "released" to the OB in Beaumont...hope she's good since I've never even met her yet!

Dancing queen

Everyone knows how big football is to people living in Texas. I didn't know that dance is the equivalent for girls, especially in this area. So, we enrolled Gabrielle in a dance class for 2-year olds. They are just too cute!

Getting ready to go to our first dance class.

A little "cheese"...carrying her backpack with her new dance shoes so we don't get them dirty. :)

Parents had to leave right away, but they let us come in at the end and take pictures. Here's one of their whole class...looks like 10 girls other than Gabrielle...and they're all sooo cute!

Gabrielle with her dance teacher, Ms. Keely.

Gabrielle and one of her friends from church, Emmalyn.

Another one of Gabrielle's friends from church, Raylen.

Playing at the dance bar.

My little "ham" at Quiznos after class.

More "hamming" for the camera.

Of course I had to get a picture with my beautiful girl too!