Monday, March 30, 2009

New home

Here are some pictures of the house that we are buying in Nederland, TX (from our trip over Spring Break).

Front of the house...pretty pink flowering bush.

Front door from the inside.

Tree and landscaping in the front yard by the street.

The "front living room"
We're not sure what we are doing with this room will probably end up being one of those "catch alls" for stuff that we would have put in a basement (since we won't have a basement again!).

The master bathroom vanity.

Master bath the tile!

Master bedroom...smaller than the one we have now, but I'm hoping that our smaller furniture will make the room look a little bigger overall.

Bedroom #2...which will be Gabrielle's room since it's already painted pink.  I think that we are going to try to transition her to a "big-girl" bed when we get there, so I'm open for any suggestions that any of you might have on that topic too!

Hallway bathroom vanity...more red paint!

Hallway bathroom tub...with jets (fun!).

Bedroom #3...we're going to plan on painting this a neutral color in plans that we'll eventually need another bedroom for baby #2.  (Did I mention that we had a consultation with a fertility doctor in Beaumont--only about 20 minutes from this house?  Things look good!!!)

Hallway between the bedrooms/bathroom.

The dining room that will be transformed into an office space and a place for my piano probably too...perhaps some place to put some of Gabrielle's larger toys too--who knows!


A flat-top stove again--yea!

The breakfast nook where we'll put our table and chairs.  AND, notice the cabinets in the back.  I think that my scrapbooking will end up here, along with a lot of other things.  There's a whole separate pantry, and cleaning closet, so hopefully this will be a place for "my" stuff!  :)

The windows in the breakfast nook.

A view of the kitchen from the other direction.

The livingroom/den area--I love the built-in book shelves!  
Too bad Nick's going to have to get a flat-panel TV, huh?  :)

Storage closets in the back of the den--probably for Nick's guitars and a few of "his" things.

The covered porch in the backyard.

Some of the cool plants that I'm going to have to learn how to take care of...and I don't have a very green thumb, so wish me luck!

The shed that they were in the process of redoing.  I really hope that it will be good since we've got a lot of things that probably won't fit in the house.  Otherwise, I'm sure we're going to have to do some more ebay selling.  *sigh*

Gabrielle loving their trampoline (which I'm sure won't stay...bummer)!  Guess we'll have to get a play area/swing set for Nick to build for her to play on back there!


Tanya said...

Your new house looks beautiful! So glad you were able to find a nice house, but sad that you are moving south instead of north...

Scott & Katy Benedict said...

Nick & Theresa, hadn't had a chance to see you were staying in Texas. I know you'd hoped for Wichita, but maybe the next move! We're headed back to Omaha on the 22nd of this month and very excited! Now that I've found your blog, I can bookmark it and you can find ours at Hope to see you guys up in Omaha some time!