Saturday, May 29, 2010

Parents' Night at Dance class

For Gabrielle's last dance class of the year we got to go and see all their cute little activities they had been working on lately. Here's a few pictures of our little dancer.

Gabrielle and her friend, Emmalyn giving each other hugs in the parking lot before dance class even started.

Gabrielle holding hands with her friend, Aubrey (yes, she has a broken arm)...talking with their friend, Reagan. All three girls go to Mother's Day Out together too.

Getting started with their stretches...good toes, bad toes.

Gabrielle talking to her teacher, Ms. Keely. I like that you can see the expression on her face in the mirror.

One of the teacher-helpers talking to Gabrielle.

Doing a dance step...

Getting ready to do one of their circle dances...she followed in a line really well!

Getting ready to tuck down for a somersault.


There's a teacher in the way, but she's doing a of her favorite things to do at dance class!

Fish lips while she's waiting her turn.

Getting ready for another circle dance.

The girls sitting together at the end getting their end-of-the-year ribbons from their teachers.

Reagan, Aubrey, and Gabrielle together again.

Gabrielle and I. I'm SO proud of her!

Getting "ready" to dance.

Holding up the crab walk line...