Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fun in Nebraska

So, after our time in Kansas, we headed up to my parents' house in Nebraska for some time on the dairy farm. Unfortunately, I had a gallbladder attack the same day Nick had the flu (Saturday), so that wasn't very fun. I'm just glad that we had my mom there for "back-up" to help with the kiddos while we didn't feel well!

Gabrielle swinging with Grandma...

Gabrielle and I on the same swing...

Gabrielle swinging with Grandpa...

And, yes, Gabrielle swinging with Nick. She was out on the swing a LOT, and obviously everyone got their turn to push her. And, Nick even got the honor of wearing her pink hat for a while too!

Benjamin enjoying some time outside too.

Mr. Happy Blue Eyes!

Playtime with Grandpa Reinke.

On Saturday (when I wasn't feeling that great), it was the perfect weather for flying kites. Gabrielle really liked to hold it by herself.

Then she wanted to climb on my back while we were flying the Sesame Street kite. Grandma Reinke had the other kite flying high in the sky--Tigger and Pooh.

Gabrielle trying out the kite Grandma was flying.

Snuggle-time with Grandma Reinke.

Just hanging out in their pjs.