Monday, May 12, 2008

Climbing and more

Yes, you read it right. Our precious daughter has started climbing!!! She's been trying to hike her leg up on stuff for quite a while, but this past week for the first time she climbed up on the brick ledge next to our fireplace. As you can see from the pictures, she's pretty darn proud of herself too! :)
Most of the time when she's either working on getting up there she looks over at Nick or I to see whether we are watching, and continues with a flash of her cute-and-ornery grin. I have a feeling that our parenting "skills" are going to be tested more than we thought with Gabrielle.

Isn't this so much fun?

Nick bought a mandolin off the Internet this week to add to his instrument collection. The box and the packing materials looked like such a great toy...and again, it looks like Gabi seems to like the cheap "toys" the best (although what came inside the box wasn't cheap...)

I think she's such a cutie!

I made a frozen strawberry desert this week (check out the recipe below), and Gabi was in the kitchen to "help" me. She enjoyed licking the beater off when I was done, even though there really wasn't much on it for her to eat after I was finished scraping it.