Thursday, May 22, 2008

Traveling to Colorado

So last weekend we took off after Nick got off work and started our trip up to see my sister, Katherine, and her family, including my new niece, Samantha. Thursday night we stopped for the night in Amarillo around 10pm. Then we did the rest of the driving on Friday. Here's some of the fun pictures from our trip.

We stopped at a park in Lamar, Colorado for a picnic lunch that I had packed from home. It was great weather, and we really enjoyed getting out of the car and stretching a little.

The girls enjoying some fresh strawberries.

Gabi trying to cram a whole one in there to "gum-up".

Keeping it in with her hand...don't want to lose any precious strawberries!

Gabi's first experience in an outdoor swing. I guess I should have been taking her to the park long before now. I guess I know now that she really loves it. And, perhaps I can talk Nick into hanging a swing at home from one of our trees or something too.

I got in on the fun too! :)

Nick and Gabi before they took the plunge down the slide.


Gabi trying it by herself...I'm not sure if she's ready for that yet. It was really fast, and she bumped her head a little on the slide while she was going down.

After we got back on the road we came to a one-lane road that made us sit and wait for a while in the construction zone. Obviously Nick was NOT impressed! :)

Gabrielle taking advantage of the time we were waiting in the construction zone to play a little peek-a-boo with her blanket.

Finally the dude turned the sign to "slow". I wonder how much he gets paid?

Gabi eating an afternoon snack with some milk...yummy!

Nick much happier too after we were out of the construction zone.

I think may be he just needed a snack too! :)