Monday, June 23, 2008

More toys to climb on--yeah!!

Gabrielle had gotten this trike from my parents for Christmas, but I stuck it away for a while. She's at least learning how to climb on it without falling off (too much). Unfortunately, her feet don't quite reach the pedals yet, so we just push her around the living room on it.

Excited about her new toy!

Using her other toys to push-off of.

We also got a small outdoor play set this week for her to be able to climb on, but thought that it would be a good idea for her to get used to in in our living room first. Besides, as of now, she's not real sure about walking too much in the grass. Who ever heard of a child with a grass-aversion? Although, I'd have to say that she still pulls at it and tastes it when she gets the chance. :)

Did I also mention that it's been around 100 degrees (or more) every day since the beginning of May here? One more reason to leave it inside!

More fun climbing up the green side...I haven't gotten many pictures of her going down the slide yet, mainly because she goes so fast. But, also because she wants me there to "catch" her. I'm already proud of her that she doesn't need me to hold on to her hand or something like she did the first few days she used the slide.

PS-Obviously in these pictures she wasn't wearing her hair clip...I think it's going to be time soon to get a haircut if she can't leave her "pretties" in during the day *sigh*.


kranberry216 said...

Elena had a grass's actually quite common I'm told. It's a tactile sensory thing. She was well over a year old before she'd walk on grass, rock, sand, etc. Anything but carpet freaked her out! I love seeing her grow in the photos. She's a cutie pie! Sounds like you had a fun trip too!

Tanya said...

This post makes me laugh because we had the opposite problem in ND. We got that same slide and it is still a big hit, but we kept it inside because it was always too cold to play outside. Now in KS, it lives outside all the time. Guess you just need to move back. :) Can't wait to see you next week!