Monday, November 03, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween a few days late...I feel like I am still playing catch up with all of our posts. Hopefully I can get them completed this afternoon while Gabi's napping...

I don't have a problem with the KU cheerleading outfit as long as she can wear the Bethany hat too. Nick and I agree to disagree on where we think she should go to college--go figure! :)

I was sick with the flu for a couple of days, and still trying to relax on the couch Friday. Gabi wanted me to wear the hat, but then immediately decided that she needed it back...great picture, huh?

Gabi wearing the trash can as a hat--
luckily I didn't have to use it while I was sick this week.

My two Jayhawks.

Eating some chicken nuggets and apples before we headed out to our church for their "Night of Light" festival.

There were some FABULOUS costumes on kids as well as adults.
And, who knew that Blue Man Group was going to be there!

Ivanna and her son, Noah enjoying the festivities.

Some of the fun...

More of the fun...

And still more fun...

They even had a rock climbing wall for the youth and adults.

Inside one of the game tents. I can't wait for Gabi to be a little bit older to enjoy all the fun (may be next year?).

We saw a LOT of our TX friends at the festival. In the wagon are Maddie and Haley (who Gabi had her 1st birthday party with) with Maddie's mom, Alison (who sings on the praise team at church with us, and her husband plays bass guitar too). Keep Haley's family in your prayers as they are going through some medical issues--Amanda is on bedrest, Jayson has psoriasis problems, and his dad's cancer has come back.

Posing for the camera...
Can you believe that just a few hours before this we had big tears while I was getting her pigtails and bows in her hair?
At home after we went out trick-or-treating to a few of our neighbor's houses (some of whom we haven't talked to since last year at Halloween!).

Gabrielle decided that there was probably something really great in the candy basket that Nick had been using to pass out candy at our house.

Oh, so many to decide from...

Playing clean-up before she headed to bed for the night.