Monday, March 31, 2008

Stubborn girl

Gabi got herself into her toy box in the livingroom the other day (it's actually an ottoman without the lid on it--and it matches our furniture too). But, as you can see from the next shot, she was having a little bit of difficuty getting herself out. I think that she might grow up to be claustrophobic like me because she usually screams when she gets herself stuck somewhere.

Just a couple of pictures of our precious daughter in "Time Out". Yes, we are using the toy walker because that seems like the only place to contain her that doesn't involve my lap right now, and she can't move in it on our carpet anymore. I'm trying to teach her that when I say "no" that I really do mean it.

Today she was pulling things out of the silverware drawer, and after returning the pie server and butter knife to their rightful places the third time, I thought that she was "due" for one minute in the walker. She doesn't seem to mind it all that much usually, so hopefully I am getting my point across (except today she bawled her head off...ugh!). If anyone else has any ideas or suggestions on what might work, I would gratefully take some advice in this area.