Friday, January 09, 2009

Christmas with Grandma Martin

Trying to eat with chopsticks at Kobe's Japanese Steakhouse in Wichita with Nick's mom and sister's family.

Nick and Uncle Terry trying to put one of my gifts together--a kid's folding chair and little table just my size!

Cheeeeeese! :)

Sitting in my new chair with my new dress and my princess book on the floor too--all from Grandma Martin.

Yea! It's the Leap Frog magnetic alphabet toy for the fridge.

Another princess book.

Little Einstein's DVD
Gabrielle is demonstrating how Rocket blasts off in each episode.

Just bein' cheesy for the camera!

Cousin Tyler got two Texas shirts from us--
his favorite team!

Playing Patty-Cake with her new doll from Grandma Martin.

Later on in the week Gabrielle was having a snack of banana bread and decided that the dog needed some of her snack too--how cute!

Getting ready to eat supper...

Obviously by herself...

Opening a gift from the Slater family.

Nick's uncle Steve and cousins Jeff and Amy Slater

Another gift from Uncle Steve and Aunt Muriel--
a Christmas puppet book that's really cute!
(Nick's mom is watching in the background.)

Just feelin' a little crazy (a nice picture to match the crazy one of me from my family's Christmas together).