Saturday, April 24, 2010

Benjamin's been growing!!!

My two favorite guys.

Benjamin napping with Grandma Reinke before she left. We really enjoyed having her here to help out for a little over two weeks--what a wonderful blessing!!!

Daddy with his precious kiddos.

Gabrielle "tending" to all Benjamin's needs. She thought he was getting cold, so she covered him with one of his burp cloths that we received as a gift from Angie, her teacher at MDO. I think this one is especially cute because she embroidered "Gabrielle's Brother" on the front of it.

Smiles...almost from Benjamin, anyway!

Daddy bonding with his little man.

Enjoying some rest time...this is one of Benjamin's favorite ways to sleep, and I have to admit that I love him being SO cuddly too!

Awake and alert for a few pictures...can't wait until I can catch one of his precious smiles on our camera!

I think he's changed a little since he's been born (already put on a few pounds). But, I do agree with most everyone who says he looks like Gabrielle when she was a baby!