Friday, April 23, 2010

Princess Jasmine birthday party

So, Gabrielle's birthday was 10 days after giving birth to Benjamin, and of course, I had to throw her a party at our house. Luckily I had my mom and Nick to help me pull it all off. Here's a few of the pictures from that day.

The Princess banner on our front door.

The Jasmine cake that I created with her tiger friend, Rajah.

The treat sacks for Gabrielle's friends that came.

The kiddos creating princess or prince crowns from craft foam, glitter glue, and jewels. That activity turned out a lot better than I had envisioned.

Coloring pages and Fruit Loop necklaces.

Lots of fun playing outside...the weather was perfect!

Gabrielle and Emmalyn swinging together.

Some of the parents chatting while the kiddos were playing.

Jennifer, my mom (Janice), me, and Heather (holding Benjamin) enjoying the weather outside.

Gabrielle is 3!!!

The kids enjoying their "picnic" lunch and cake.

Gabrielle enjoying her food.

Opening her gifts...she reminds me that "her friends opened some of them"...they were all VERY excited about "helping" her! :)

Princess wooden doll set.

Our family posing together after her birthday party.