Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just playing around at Disney

So during the days of the week while Nick was at his conference from 7am-5pm, Gabrielle and I found several things to do on Disney World property that didn't cost us a dime!

Gabrielle feeling the sand in her feet at our playground.

Figuring out that her hands can sift through all that fine sand.

Just having some fun in the sand!

We bought Gabrielle a set of 4-Princess cups as her souvenir that she will hopefully be able to use soon at meal times (we haven't mastered that skill quite yet). She thought it was great fun to play with them and stack them up and take them apart again. Fabulous!

Taking a break from the cup stacking to watch a little Disney channel--
one of the many local stations with fun cartoons.

Enjoying a sandwich lunch outside the main building on our resort.

There was a fun walk between the main building and our room...some water, a bridge, and beautiful foliage. I really did feel like I was in the "Caribbean" sometimes instead of just a Disney resort!

Gabrielle thinks that everything is for climbing. *sigh*

A little time in the pool during a free evening with Nick.

More cup stacking...this time she was playing with the styrofoam coffee cups in our room. She stacked up those cups more than once while I was getting dressed in the morning.

So much fun for free! :)

Gabrielle and I enjoyed the playground again another morning before we took a dip in the pool. Her swim shoes sure helped her climb back up the slide pretty well.

Sliding down on her tummy.

Sliding down on her behind...between her yellow cover up and the blond hair this picture has a LOT of shades of yellow in it!

Just hanging out in our room before we take off on another walk.