Monday, October 27, 2008

Our day at Magic Kingdom

So, here's our day at Magic Kingdom (Sunday, Oct. 12th). This was our only "free" day with Nick since he was at his conference meetings for the rest of the week. We had a great time, and it really was fairly nice weather (minus the humidity that made us sweat!).

Daddy and Gabi in the "Teacups"...her first Disney World ride ever!

Getting ready for the "Winnie the Pooh" ride...ahh, air conditioning!

Mommy and Gabi riding the "Dumbo" ride--
we waited for 30 minutes for this one--ugh!

Gabrielle finding something to climb on while we were waiting to see Tigger and Pooh. Notice that it was still morning-time, and she was sweating a lot already--I didn't feel so bad then! :)

She was pretty scared of Tigger and Pooh to begin with. So, I held her and she seemed to warm up to them a little bit after that.

Giving Tigger and Pooh hi-fives.

Getting ready to to on the "It's a Small World" ride.
Thank goodness for a little air conditioning again!

The end of the ride!

Another area of Magic Kingdom that we went to starting in the afternoon--
unfortunately we didn't spend as much time at "Mickey's"...
I guess we'll have to come back and do more there next time!

Some dancers that we saw...there were benches so we took a seat to rest our feet, and I was hoping that Gabi would fall asleep. But, the music was really loud, and she was enjoying the show.

Clapping to the dancer's music.

Just a mommy and daddy picture.

After we rested our feet for a few minutes, we got up and walked around to several of the other areas in Magic Kingdom. Of course by the time we got to the train station, Gabrielle was fast asleep.

She took a nice 30 minute nap. Yeah!

While she was napping, people were lining up to wait for Peter Pan. It was interesting to watch other families with their kids while Gabrielle snoozed.

After she woke up we took the train all the way around Magic Kingdom to the main entrance to wait for the big parade to start at 3pm.

Gabrielle had a little snack of grapes on the train (left over from her lunch).

Mommy's cutie-pie.

Having a great time waiting for the parade to start.

Sleeping Beauty

One of the evil witches...

It's M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E!!!

The Pinocchio characters

Snow White

A few of the Dwarfs

Some of the Alice in Wonderland characters



Mary Poppins--one of my favorite "golden oldies"

Captain Hook and Mr. Smee

Cruella (another evil woman!)

Peter Pan and Wendy (notice that it's not the same Peter Pan that we saw taking pictures with the kids earlier...I wonder how many of each character they have employed there!).

My Fairy Godmother



A really neat float with a lot of the "old" characters on it.

Chipmunk...don't know his name...
This trip/parade made me realize that I really do need to brush up on all the names of the Disney characters!


Minnie and Goofy

After the parade, we left...I thought that it was really neat that the park was decorated for fall...all the orange and pumpkins around everywhere. This was on the outside of Magic Kingdom.

We decided that since we took the monorail to get there in the morning that we would try taking the ferry back to the parking lot in the afternoon. We had a great view of the park for quite a while, and you can see a sail boat in the lake too. There are soooo many fun things to do at Disney!

That evening we went to Bahama Breeze (owned by the same company as Red Lobster and Olive Garden). Nick had some type of fish meal, and Gabrielle shared a lobster/shrimp pasta dish with me. It was delicious, and we just happened to have a gift card that worked there too--extra bonus!


JulieA said...

Great pics, Theresa. Makes me wish I was there... =) The chipmunk you took a picture of was Chip -- I only know that because his nose looks like a chocolate chip and Dale's nose is red. Maybe I'm just a Disney World junkie... we learned that fact when we were there in April.