Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Other Disney Resorts

Another one of the days that Nick was at his work conference, Gabrielle and I got in the rental car and drove around to several of the other Disney resorts (hotels) to check out their play areas and stuff.  For several of them we got out and walked around, but for others we just drove through and snapped some pictures.

Pop Century Resort--where each building is from a different decade.

At the front of the building...

Hot Wheels--I think I was in the 70's.

Computers...we were near the 80's pool.

Next we went to the "All Star" resort area.  Movies first...

A huge director's thing outside one of the buildings. 

Has anyone heard of the movie "Bucket of Soldiers"?  
I was a little confused by this one, but thought it was still neat!

All-Star Music resort...

Jazz!  There were also some HUGE conga drums that I couldn't get a very picture of...may be next time!  :)

All-Star Sports Resort

Tennis anyone?


Next we checked out the "Animal Kingdom Lodge"--obviously near Animal Kingdom.  It seemed that there was a place in the "backyard" of the hotel for animals to roam around (similar to what you would see at a zoo).  But, there were only a few birds out when Gabi and I were there.  I did get a great purse for $10 at their gift shop though.

These little lizards were everywhere at Disney World.  They ran really fast, so usually by the time I stopped to pull out the camera they were gone into whatever plants were around.  Luckily, this little guy thought that I couldn't see him, and I was able to catch a picture.  Funny that this one was brown, but the ones in our resort, Caribbean Beach, seemed to be more of a green color to blend in with all our green plants there.  I wonder what their really called!?

The inside lobby of Animal Kingdom Lodge--obviously a little more high class than some of the other resorts that Gabrielle and I checked out that day.

In the afternoon we took a trip down to the Boardwalk for a pizza lunch outside.  

It reminded me a lot of one of the boardwalks that I visited on the east coast when I was in high school.  

Gabrielle enjoying her pizza.
There were all sorts of fun shops...I went into the bakery to get a muffin for the next day's breakfast, and they gave Gabi a free one in the shape of Mickey Mouse--cute!  
We had such a good time on the Boardwalk that we came back here the last day of our trip for lunch at the Brewery/Grill--great hamburger meal!!!  Nick was at the hotels right around the corner, so we were able to head over to pick him up when we were done.

The Dolphin Hotel--one of the areas for Nick's meetings.

The Swan Hotel--another building where he had meetings.


Melanie said...

Is the bucket of soldiers from Toy Story? That's my best guess.

Thanks for sharing all the fun Disney pics!