Monday, April 07, 2008

Just playing around

First of all, I have to say Rock Chalk Jayhawk for tonight's game. Nick was sooo excited that KU won after that nail-biting second half of the game on Saturday. So, he decided that Gabrielle had to wear her little KU dress to church on Sunday. We only got a few comments from people...probably partially because we live in football-country here.

Other than basketball, we are still doing well. All three of us have been fighting colds off and on, but that really doesn't stop Gabrielle from having a great time playing during the day. She's just learning more and more every day. AND on top of that, she is finally cutting one of her top teeth. I started to wonder when it would happen since both bottom teeth came at the beginning of December. Yeah--another milestone to celebrate! :)

You can see my bottom two teeth with my great big smile.

Going outside to get the mail on Saturday.
It sure was bright, but as you can see, the hat didn't last for very long!

Playing with my beads and learning that I can wear them like a necklace.

Taking them off and on again keeps Gabi busy for several minutes! :)

Go Jayhawks!