Tuesday, July 08, 2008

So much fun in Nebraska

We traveled up to Nebraska to see my family, and after a few "roadblocks" (had to get an oil change and we backtracked to Wichita from Newton after we forgot our hanging clothes at Nick's mom's house).

Gabi getting some lovin' from Grandma Reinke before bedtime.

Happy Fourth of July!!!
We had a great day playing at Grandpa and Grandma Reinke's house after a 2-mile walk early in the morning with my Aunt Marlys and my mom. It was such mild weather while we were there, so we took advantage of playing outside in between naps.

Gabi climbing into the chair that I sat in growing up!

After supper we headed out to swing--one of Gabrielle's favorite things to do. Check out the video clip above to hear Gabi giggling and thoroughly enjoying herself!

She loves to swing so high.

Mommy and Gabi swinging together.

Gabrielle inspecting one of Grandma's many flowers.

I love this picture because it appears that she is trying to smell the flower. But, I think that she was really trying to taste it. Who knows, perhaps it was nice and sweet!

Gabi trying to get over her grass-aversion by slowly working her way down the little slope back to the swings. Any time she felt like she was going to fall over, it seemed that she started crawling backwards. Otherwise, she actually walked in the grass by herself (something that she hadn't done much of until this week). Also, check out the video clip above for a little better viewing of her grass-walking.

Grandma and Gabi working their way back through the grass and up to the house.

Gabi doing a little more inspecting of Grandma's flower collection.

Mommy and Daddy planting big kisses on her cheeks...obviously she didn't enjoy getting them as much as we enjoyed giving them. I think that she was just wanting down--so many new things to explore in Grandma's backyard!!!

During the day we watched "National Treasure 2" finally...I know, Nick and I are SUPER behind on our movie watching. Hopefully someday when we live close to family again (for free babysitters) we'll be able to catch a few more than 5 flicks a year. Right now it's so expensive to get a babysitter and go out to see a movie. And, I know that we could rent, but I guess we just don't think about it as much because there's so many great reality shows on TV (just kidding).

Gabrielle working on climbing Grandma's stairs all by herself. Since they don't build basements in Texas, there's really no where for us to practice stairs safely. Fortunately the one step we have that goes into our living room must have been enough for her to "transfer" that knowledge on to the bigger task of a full set of stairs. Way to go Gabi!

In the afternoon we headed into the town of Byron to visit my grandparents. Gabrielle wasn't really digging the idea of sitting on my Grandpa's lap, and he was really disappointed by that (especially since I have always been his special "Sunshine" granddaughter). Hopefully she'll do better next time!

A couple of my cousins were also there for the day, so Gabrielle enjoyed trying to keep up with them. Taylor is also my Goddaughter (daughter to Diane and Stuart--my first cousin). For those of you who remember, she was also the flower girl in our wedding. Can you believe that she's going to be a 5th grader in school this fall? She really did enjoy playing with Gabi, and thought that it was so fun that Gabi would sit on her lap and look at pictures with her.

Taylor's brother, Dylan just being himself--silly!

Dylan spinning Gabrielle around in the rocking chair with my grandpa close at hand to make sure he wasn't being "too rowdy". What fun to see them play. Another fun fact--Diane was pregnant with Dylan at our wedding...how he's grown into ALL BOY since then too!!!

In the evening we attended a wedding of a friend/cousin/neighbor that I grew up with, Jessica Krenke. We did 4-H together, were managers for the basketball team, and if you can believe this, I also babysat her when I was in Jr. High. It was great to see her again, and it warmed my heart when she told me that every time she sees bubble-wrap packaging she thinks of me because I would bring it with me for some fun when I came over to babysit. Funny the things that people will remember!

My dad playing with Gabi at the reception. She enjoyed trying to reach the greenery-balls that were hanging from the ceiling. It really was beautiful, and the food was great too!

Andrew and Jessica Lara dancing their dance together. Unfortunately I didn't get to dance with Nick because it was REALLY late and Gabrielle needed to get home to bed. Perhaps the next wedding I'll get a chance to dance with my hubby.


Saying goodbye to Grandpa and Grandma after church and lunch so that we can head back to Wichita for the night. Thanks for a bunch of fun new memories!