Monday, September 01, 2008

Playtime with Daddy

Since the camera started working again this week, I've captured several great pictures of Gabrielle and Nick together. I am soooo glad that we didn't have to buy a new camera (previous post)!!!

Gabrielle and Nick playing with the stacking cups. Nick would help her get them mostly stacked, and then Gabi loved the part of knocking them all down and starting again (which frustrated Nick a little).

Where's Daddy's belly button?

Enjoying some wrestling time--who says girls can't do that too?

Gabi was really quiet one afternoon and here is where I found her...playing with the keyboard. She likes watching the pictures on our screen saver, but hasn't figured out that when she messes with the keys or mouse that the pictures go away. She was definitely enjoying herself! :)

Helping daddy open one of his birthday presents this weekend.

Daddy reading Gabi one of her favorite books (there are buttons that she likes to push on the side that play different classical music songs).

Just playing with my new beads.

Bonus picture...mommy and Gabi ready for church.