Monday, December 14, 2009

Live Nativity

Last weekend we enjoyed a LIVE nativity outside at Wesley Methodist Church (just down the street from our house). We had a great time watching their program as well as going through their "exhibits" inside which included smelling the magi's gifts. Now every time we drive by that church, Gabrielle says, "Tivity!"

The signs pointing us to "Bethlehem".

A shot of the "town" while they narrated the Christmas story.

The wise men asking the inn keeper if he had seen baby Jesus--yes, with a real live camel too!

The end of the program an angel rose-up from behind the scene and everyone (audience included) sang "Joy to the World"...what a nice end to the evening!

Gabrielle didn't want to take pictures too badly...oh well. But, it was a beautiful night out...a little mist in the air, but we were definitely not one bit of the perks to living this far south in December, I guess!