Monday, December 07, 2009

Sarah's 3rd birthday party

Sarah being "shy" while everyone sings Happy Birthday to her.

Opening her gifts...this one is from Gabrielle.

It's a Barbie!
This is probably the first kid birthday party where Gabrielle has mostly understood what is going on...the singing, the cake, and then giving a gift to the "special person". When I told her that we were going to give the Barbie to Sarah, I don't think that she understood at first. But, after talking about it for a week or so, I think she finally got the concept that we were giving the Barbie away (something that she thought we should keep at our house).

Gabrielle did a great job coloring the little wooden magnet-craft with the markers. Then she wanted me to help her write her name on the back. I'm sooooo proud of her that she can spell her name (except that she always forgets the "A"). much going on at a party to take good pictures!

We had the Spells at our house to for supper and to watch the Nebraska/Texas game last weekend. I'm still sad that we lost by only a point...only a second. BUT, I am sooo proud of how they played against a top-ranked team that is now going to be playing in the championship!'s a video of Nick sliding across our floor holding Gabrielle and Emmalyn...they had a blast!!!