Monday, December 14, 2009

Whimsical fun

Last Friday night we went with Heather and Emmalyn to the "Whimsical" show. It was put on by their dance teacher, and I was very impressed with her students' quality of dance! Here are a couple of pictures of the girls enjoying their "evening out". :)

Taking pictures with two 2-year olds while other people are standing in line didn't go over the best. Right now Emmalyn is smiling...

And now Gabrielle decided to smile.

The girls dancing in between the seats at the end of the show. I was totally impressed that they both did a great job for almost two hours! I would have to say that they caused less commotion than the adults who were talking loudly through the whole thing. *sigh* This music teacher gets pretty irritated when people don't know how to act in situations like this.