Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve

We left Texas (on our drive up to Kansas) a little early to avoid the snowstorm that came through the mid-west on Thursday.

Gabrielle using her dry-erase-marker in one of her Princess books. She kept telling us that we could see her "drawing" when she was done, but "not yet". Here's her final picture...I don't think that she left any part of that page without some red marker on it.

We went to Eastminster Presbyterian (our Wichita church) for the 4:30 Children's Christmas Eve Service (even though it was snowing quite a bit). We got a seat on the end of the middle isle, so we had a great view of the animals and the nativity scene created up front.
Mary and Joseph coming in on the donkey.

The shepherds and the angels who visited baby Jesus.

One of the sheep--there was also a goat...neat!!!

The wise men bringing their gifts for baby Jesus.

Gabrielle holding a candle while we sang, "Silent Night".

Gabrielle and I with the Christmas poinsettias.

Family of my new favorites!!!