Friday, January 01, 2010

Christmas with Grandma Debbie

For the majority of our time in Kansas, we spent our time at Nick's mom's house. Here's some pictures of the time we spent there.

Looking outside on Christmas Eve as it was starting to snow.

Opening a few gifts before bed.

Grandma Debbie gave Gabrielle her own "Ipod"...Disney Princess version. Nothing like a noisy toy that only works with headphones! :)

Debbie's boyfriend, Kirk, gave her the hammer toy.

Playing with her new Princess laptop.

Nick's new KU backpack from his mom...perhaps we'll save it for our new little guy to use someday.

The rice cooker/vegetable steamer/egg boiler that I wanted. Hopefully now I can cook rice that isn't sticky and tastes better! Anyone else have any tips to share when using one of these?

Going for a ride on daddy's foot.

A little video coverage of daddy-time-fun.

Debbie (Nick's mom) and her boyfriend, Kirk on Christmas.