Saturday, January 30, 2010

Trip to Colorado--Day 1

Gabrielle enjoying the first airplane trip that she can actually remember...she said told me that she hadn't ever been in an airplane before, even though last March we flew for our house-hunting trip.

Nick and Gabrielle getting some cuddles right away from baby Elizabeth (my sister, Katherine's daughter who was born mid-December).

Gabrielle playing with her two older cousins, Matthew and Samantha...they all got along fairly well, which was sooo nice!

In the afternoon we headed over to the "farm" to ride some horses.

Gabrielle and Matthew patiently waiting...

Katherine explaining some of the stuff about horses before Gabrielle gets on the saddle.

Gabrielle wasn't quite sure at first...

But, she thought it was a lot more fun once Matthew got on behind her for the ride!

A little video of the fun.

Me pouting because I wasn't "allowed" to ride the horses.
Next time, I guess!!!

My mom watching and getting cold too.