Saturday, January 30, 2010

Trip to Colorado--Day 2

Gabrielle and Grandma Reinke getting a little swim-time in before church on Sunday morning. Church didn't start until 10:30 Mountain Time and Gabrielle woke up at 7:00 Central Time. You do the math...we had LOTS of time to kill that morning in the hotel.

Gabrielle playing on the steps.

Having fun singing in the pool.

A little bit of Gabrielle singing the "Bumble Bee Song".

Getting time to hold my precious new niece and Goddaughter, Elizabeth Anne (in her dedication dress).

Only 7 weeks old.

The family who was at Elizabeth's Dedication. Dan's family is on the left and our family that made it to CO is pictured on the right.

The Thaemert Family--
Daniel, Katherine, Matthew, Samantha, and Elizabeth

Emily and I as Elizabeth's Godparents.

Gabrielle getting the chance to hold Elizabeth. I can't wait to see what a fantastic Big Sister she's going to be!!!

Gabrielle and Matthew enjoying a calm moment after lunch.

Having fun in the pool with the kiddos on Sunday evening...even though the water was FREEZING!!!

Grandpa decided to chicken out!

Grandpa taking a picture to "prove" that he was actually in the pool with Gabrielle...even if he only had his feet in the COLD water! :)

Giving Gabrielle a swim-ride in the pool.

Grandpa playin' with his two big-granddaughters in the hot tub.

The whole family in the hot tub together!!!

Nick holding baby Elizabeth a little bit more...

Samantha giving her little-baby-sister big kisses...adorable!