Saturday, January 30, 2010

Trip to Colorado--Day 3

Swim-time #3...the water was still COLD Monday morning, but Gabrielle jumped right in every time!!!

Daddy and Gabrielle...if you look close enough you can see that her lips are a little blue from being in the cold water...oops. Nick said she looked like "Rose" from the Titanic. LOL

Getting ready to jump in the water to Grandma Reinke.

Grandpa and the three older grandkids.

Grandpa and Grandma Reinke with their four grandkids. Can't wait until our little guy will be the fifth grandchild in only a few weeks.

Matthew pulling Gabrielle in the Mega-blocks wagon.

Matt and Gabrielle got along sooo well this trip, and had lots of fun playing together.

Trading places in the fun...

Katherine and Samantha getting cuddle time.

Nick wrestling with Matthew and Gabrielle.

During the airplane trip home Gabrielle got some time to play with Nick's new "Ipock"...mostly checking out some Disney apps. Crazy what a 2-year old will pick up on in a short amount of time!!!