Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lovewell Lake

Friday afternoon after Gabi's nap we headed out to Lovewell Lake--about 30 minutes southwest of my parents' house. We enjoyed quite a bit of swimming, and then some food and fun to follow.

Gabi and mommy ready to get in the lake.
I loved the little vest that I bought her (can you believe for $8 at Dollar General?). She felt like she could be more independent, and Nick and I felt better about her squirminess because she was able to float better.

After swimming we got some snacks out while the grill heated up.

Two toddlers trying hard to get a can of Pringles open...fun to watch!

Okay...so that didn't work, and they tried another method--teeth! :)
At least they were working together so well!

Sharing their food...how nice!

Gabrielle showing Matthew how to "use" a tractor--

I don't think that he was too impressed.

Gabrielle trying out cousin Samantha's car seat which she obviously thought was pretty funny. It probably reminds her of a little rocking chair.

Matthew needed to get in on the action too.

Dan and Katherine getting the grill started for our food.

Matthew checking out the trees and rocks--he's all boy, that's for sure!

A little time with my daddy.

Nick throwing Matthew up in the air...he loved it, but I think that it made Gabi a bit jealous because she likes to do that with daddy too.

My dad showed up after he got all his farming chores done...I think he had a great time with his two granddaughters this weekend. And, my mom joining in trying to show Samantha how to blow some raspberries.

What a beautiful niece I have!

Grandpa and Samantha working on standing up.

Gabi getting some Grandpa time in while she ate some of her hot dog bun.

She'll be 16 and driving before I know it!

Matthew pointing out Grandpa's motorcycle to Gabi. Secretly I think that he was trying to convince her that they needed to climb it (which he did by himself later!).

I got a little baby "fix" in too...how precious it is to watch them sleep.

Gabrielle was working on drinking water out of the bottle. Notice the wet spot directly down the front of her outfit. I don't think she got it down yet, but being outside was a great place to work on that skill if you ask me!

Finishing up our food and just hangin' out.

A view across the lake--it was pretty placid that afternoon, which was great during our swim time with the kids.

A fabulous picture of the sun setting before we headed home.