Friday, August 15, 2008

Tax free shopping!!!

I just have to brag about the fabulous 3-day shopping idea that Texas has this weekend. There's a short list of items that are tax-free which includes diapers, clothes, and school supplies. Gabrielle and I made a day of it and started at the grocery store and Target this morning, and this afternoon we drove over to Midland for some clothes shopping. I got so many great deals off the clearance racks, used my coupons (extra 20% at Kohl's and Gymboree and $10 off at JCPenny's), and even saved the 8.25% tax that I would have normally paid. Exciting!!! No better feeling than coming home after saving so much money. Okay, there's a few things that are better than that, but hey, right now I'm feeling great about my purchases!!!