Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's a flood

No, perhaps it wasn't a monsoon either...

Okay, seriously it rained really hard here last night right before supper (go figure that I was planning to grill our food). And, keep in mind that we live in the "desert", our average rainfall is under 10 inches, and they don't have proper drainage built in the streets for any accumulative amount of rain. By the time it was done raining hard for about 30 minutes, the rain water in the street was seriously level with our yard. And, since we don't have gutters on our house, the rain falls directly off the roof and into my flower beds, making all the mulch "escape" onto the sidewalk...yes, unfortunately I have some outdoor work to do today.

Gabrielle kept looking around the house when she heard "noises" (thunder), so I thought I would let her experience watching a storm (since it happens so scarcely).